Client: Bonomelli

Services: Conception and planning of engagement activities, location identification and agreements with partner accommodation facilities, timing programming, staff coordination, set-ups

Bonomelli, a leading company in the production of chamomiles, herbal teas and infusions, wanted to organize a traveling tour in ski locations with the aim of introducing potential consumers to the wide range of products of the brand, known above all for chamomile.

LGS SportLab proposed an articulated tour with different engagement activities and took care of the project in all its phases, from conception to development, to the definition of partnerships in the area with accommodation facilities, ski resorts and ski schools, in order to optimize the field activity.

For the 2018 edition, LGS, also, took care of the involvement of the ski champions Sofia Goggia and Emanuele Buzzi, with the aim of enriching the project from a communicative point of view.

In the first two editions of the Bonomelli Winter Tour were involved 40 partner accommodation facilities, distributed over 49,000 samples and tested 38,000 herbal teas and infusions.