Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear

Safilo Group

Cliente: Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear    
With the aim of relaunching and reaffirming the values ​​of the Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear brand to new targets and certain reference markets, LGS SportLab has identified for 2018 Andrea IANNONE and Daniel PEDROSA, world champions, the perfect ambassadors for the brand involving them in a call to action aimed at young Millenials who follow them both inside and outside the MotoGP circuits. In this project LGS SportLab has joined
Safilo Group, licensee of Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear, in the identification of sports profiles in line with the communication needs of the brand, followed all the stages of acquisition of image rights for the planned activities, followed the realization of photo shoots and managed the digital communication strategies, PR and press office.