Olio Cuore

"LGS gets into the game" e "Sportivi di Cuore"

Cliente: Olio Cuore    

Since 2012, LGS SportLab has joined the Olio Cuore brand in the design and implementation of digital communication campaigns in which sport and its protagonists are promoters of a healthy lifestyle.

In 2012, with the project “LGS get into the game”, the brand has chosen to support a team of athletes in their approach to the London Olympics, funding services useful for competitive preparation and not only, for example nutritional service, mental training , media training and public speaking.

In the following years, however, we chose to create digital campaigns in which, from time to time, on the basis of major sporting events, such as the Rugby World Cup, the Rio 2016 Olympics or the communicability of the protagonists, several champions were involved in Italian sport with the claim “Sportivi di Cuore”.

In the 2014 campaign the “Sportivi di Cuore” told not only their successes but also their relationship with food, putting themselves to the test by skipping the famous fence. The lowest common denominator was the importance of well-being and health at the table, for the benefit of one’s heart.

In 2015, in the year of the world appointment, the brand chose to associate with some rugby players of the Italian National team through an activity based on viral videos and content activities and marketing influencers with the aim of explaining the characteristics of the product in an unusual way. web audience, promoting on the web the knowledge of the functional properties of Olio Cuore through an ironic, young and original communication.

In 2016, on the occasion of the Rio Olympic Games, following a trend on the web, the athletes identified for the “sport heart” project created content for the base of the Olio Cuore Facebook page, including video-recipes consistent with the objectives of communication desired by the company, completing them with the relevant advice of the athletes involved.

In 2017, the year of the water polo world championships, is the turn of 4 athletes of 7bello. The proposed themes are conviviality, central themes for the Olio Cuore brand that believes in a healthy and correct diet, in a lifestyle of well-being, represented in a totally believable way by sportsmen. The project included a web series, broadcast on Olio Cuore’s Facebook page and on sample pages with the aim of engaging the brand’s fan base and expanding it. In mini-sketches, athletes talk about the importance of nutrition for sports activities and more.

In 2018 the communication was also focused on the brand’s new products: mayonnaise and pesto. To further affirm the concept of “Cuore” as an ally of well-being but without giving up notes such as taste and creativity in the kitchen, the project focused on the potential of digital platforms, facebook and instagram, including, however, a novelty: the live event now social innovation with high engagement potential. The project proposed a culinary challenge with post-shots involving a team of champions such as Massimiliano Rosolino, Vanessa Ferrari, Andrea Lo Cicero and Francesca Dallapé who, invited by the starred chef Salvo Cravero to a real comparison to the stove, have ventured into ‘ideation of healthy and tasty recipes using a limited number of ingredients including of course those branded Cuore. The winner was the users of the Olio and Instagram pages of Olio Cuore along with the fans of the talented people involved.