LGS SportLab is a marketing and communications agency.


The agency specializes in athletics management alongside dedicated and targeted services resulting in image enhancement.


The company offers consulting services by developing integrated marketing and communication plans with particular attention to activities with testimonials, ambassadors and influencers.


LGS SportLab structures and coordinates the realization of corporate events and events of a social character.

LGS creates an ad hoc path for each athlete based on his or her personal and sports characteristics, with the aim of enhancing their potential and building a strong and recognizable image.


In addition, it places great emphasis on the personal growth of each athlete, supporting them in all aspects useful to his or her present and future.


The services offered are:

Image enhancement

Strategic management of social networks

Commercial opportunities and media visibility

Press office

Coaching and mental training


Post-career support



LGS offers advisory services to businesses starting with a precise analysis of customer targets to reach the most effective solution. These services enable companies to communicate in a way that correctly identifies and strengthens relationships with the consumer.


LGS SportLab specializes in identifying Testimonials, Brand Ambassadors and Influencers, enabling the company to have direct contact with potential customers by sharing passions and aspirations with them.


The services offered are:

Communication strategy

Finding Testimonials, Ambassadors and Influencers

Realization campaign adv, creation and production of video & photo shooting

Digital campaign & Social media strategy

Sports advisory, sports sponsorship and activation

Incentives and hospitality, sports and entertainment

Designing and creating competitions

Projects below the line




LGS designs and executes training sessions for companies that use sports as a metaphor for life organization. The objective is to stimulate the processes of change and growth professionally within organizations through experiential and innovative activities.


Services offered:

Team building activities

Experiential outdoor training

Recognition of corporate speech and conventions

Training on communication-related issues and group dynamics




LGS follows the design and development of sporting, business and high-value content.

We develop every detail with the utmost care and professionalism, providing the most efficient solution starting from the goals of the partner and its needs, from the concept to the execution of the event.


Featured Events:

Sports themed camp


Promotional tours

Conventions and business events

Tournaments and sports events

Street ADV events